Anti-Aging Therapy

At Cellebration Wellness, we regularly receive patients who wish to recover youthful energy levels, elasticity of their skin and increase their overall well-being.

Through the use of mesenchymal stem cells, we apply stem cell injections via IV (intravenously) to include them inside the patient’s blood flow, where they will arrive to organs, areas, and tissues that due to natural damage accumulated through the years, require support in order to regenerate and recover.

Stem cell therapy for anti-aging also reinvigorates the patient’s health, promotes immunomodulation, which provides a boost to the immune system helping in the prevention of diseases and unfavorable conditions.

Anti-Aging Stem Cell Treatment

Aging is a balance between entropy (aging or slow breaking down of tissue) and rebuilding  (stem cells). If the power of entropy is bigger than the rebuilding abilities of stem cells, this will lead to aging. Aging is also a natural process that our bodies produce to regenerate damaged tissue and renew our systems. However, after time, this process starts generating more entropy than rebuilding, which leads to physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that reflect both on the outside of our body and within.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) are well known to modify their cytokine output based on what is needed, where it is needed, at which time it is needed, in which amount it is needed, how to neutralize inflammation, and how to regulate anti-inflammation in response to effective communication.

Stem cells enhance the restorative prowess of living organisms.  Stem cells could be a backup system for the living organism to replace damaged tissue or worn-out cells.

How does stem cell therapy help anti-aging?

First, it’s important to clarify that the results of stem cell applications are different for everyone. Being regenerative medicine, the outcome for each patient differs upon individual characteristics and personal habits. Some of the regular aging signs that stem cells can help diminish are physical malaises like headaches, dry skin, and pain in the arms or legs. Also, it may help you feel less tired and recover your skin’s flexibility.

Our body is filled with millions of cells that oversee every function in our organism and have a life cycle: birth, growth, reproduction, and death.

When they die, they produce some deterioration in our body leading to malfunctions like degenerative diseases.

By smoking, maintaining bad eating habits, not exercising enough, or exposing ourselves to smog and bad air quality, we’re helping speed the aging of our cells causing those aging signs to appear early; but we can also reverse those signs by using some treatments, and the one that we advise is stem cell application.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-Aging

Immune System Booster

After a stem cell treatment, your immune system stabilizes and functions better, closer to its natural balance. With this treatment, you help yourself to prevent diseases, as well as fight infections or future conditions with an immune system in a better working state since it will be able to combat infections or conditions in a “reinforced” way, and thus continue to bear the regular daily burden plus new additions that, with age, tend to present themselves.

Stem Cell Anti-Aging Results

  • With stem cell therapy, you recover your body’s supply of stem cells, allowing it to repair and regenerate damaged tissue and organs.
  • Stem cells have unique properties that aid in anti-aging by assisting our bodies to regenerate cellular tissues such as skin, joints, bones, and organs. This innovative treatment may restore tissue that has been damaged by stress, injury, the environment, or aging.
  • With an IV application, stem cells reach the entire body, making us feel younger, improving our libido and ability to do sports and other physical activities. Skin will become more elastic and show less bruising.