Cellebration Wellness


Did You Know?

By: Tim Kopatich, CEO Cellebration Wellness

Bioinformant, the world’s first and only market research firm to specialize in the stem cell industry, recently ranked the world’s six leading stem cell centers. Each center has treated large populations of patients with adult stem cells.  Several of them have been treating patients for over a decade.

Our science partner, the Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy and Research, (GIOSTAR) was ranked Number One.

In addition to serving as the Chairman of GIOSTAR, Dr. Anand Srivastava also serves as the Chairman and Chief Science Officer of Cellebration Life Sciences, Inc., the parent company of Cellebration Wellness.

It was noted that GIOSTAR provides adult stem cells for autologous and allogeneic stem cell therapy and is based on research by Dr. Srivastava’s twenty-five years of clinical research. Dr. Srivastava’s team offers treatments for a range of chronic conditions, musculoskeletal injuries, and degenerative diseases.

Because Cellebration Wellness licensed GIOSTAR’s treatments and therapies, Cellebration Wellness can treat joint pain (knees, shoulders, hips), orthopedic injuries, arthritis, lung diseases, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, autoimmune diseases, and post-COVID complications. It can also provide anti-aging and aesthetic treatments, including IV vitamin therapy.