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Medical Tourism in Costa Rica


Medical tourism is a growing industry with thousands of people from around the world traveling to the country for high-quality medical care at a fraction of the cost they would pay in their home countries. According to the Tourism Satellite Account, 13.4% of all visits to Costa Rica are for medical treatments.

With its natural beauty, pristine beaches, volcanoes, cloud forests, and extensive wildlife, people who visit for medical purposes can also take advantage of its natural beauty. If you are thinking about coming to Costa Rica for a medical procedure, you not only get the beauty of flora and fauna, but you also get top-rated medical care at some of the best medical facilities found anywhere.

Costa Rica has a highly developed healthcare system compared to many developed countries. The public system called Caja (Costarricense de Seguro Social, CCSS) and private systems are constantly being enhanced with new equipment, hospitals and clinics, and procedures.

Costa Rica has prioritized its public health and invested heavily in putting resources toward preventable death and disabilities as a core mission. In the 1970s, Costa Rica spent more money on health as a proportion of GDP than many advanced countries.

By 1985, those investments paid off, and today the life expectancy was the longest in Latin America and matches the U.S. And today, the healthcare model in this country is strengthened by the Health Ministry and its role as the healthcare steward for the land. Bottom line? Since the 1940s, Costa Rica has put healthcare at the top of its priority list.

It works to provide healthcare to all its people regardless of gender, age, or location. So, the medical community goes to the people. In addition, the educational system in Costa Rica plays a role in sound medical care. Its literacy rate is over 94%.

Costa Rica is an ideal destination for medical tourists looking for affordable, high-quality healthcare services in a beautiful and welcoming location. The country’s healthcare system, medical professionals, modern healthcare facilities, and tourist infrastructure make it an attractive option for medical tourists worldwide.